hurricane helms
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Hurricane Helms Says Enzo Amore Would Have Been A Perfect Foil For Him, Comments On Social Media Helping His Royal Rumble Booking

Photo Credit: X-Pac 1,2,360 / Afterbuzz TV

Hurricane Helms was a recent guest on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360; you can read a few highlights and watch the full show below. X-Pac 1,2,360 is also available for download on iTunes and Android devices.

Hurricane Helms says he would have loved to work with Enzo Amore: 

I really hate the whole Enzo situation or whatever all happened to him and I don’t know all the details so I’m not going to get into it but he was a star there (205 Live). He was the guy that brought attention to the show and he was a guy I would have loved to had worked with if I was Hurricane. He would have been a perfect heel. He would have been the Joker to my Batman he would have been perfect for me.

Hurricane comments on social media playing a part in his Royal Rumble booking:

2017 was really good and 2018 it’s just like something kicked back into gear cause fans are really taking to a lot of stuff. All the crazy shit I put on social media fans are really digging that. That’s actually been a real big boom. The whole Rumble appearance happened because of something I posted on Instagram. When they were thinking about who to add to the Rumble at that particular moment something I put up went kinda viral and it clicked. Oh, we should get the Hurricane.

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Hurricane on how he kept his Royal Rumble appearance a secret: 

We only finalized it the week before. I know they (WWE) wanted me to come in years prior but I was either contractually obligated to other companies or at one time I was actually injured and couldn’t do it. This time the timing was just right. So it worked out really well. I was just happy we were able to keep it a secret.  In today’s social media age, the fact that we were able to keep it, sneaking through the airports in a disguise. Even the boys didn’t know. The other guys in the Rumble didn’t know until about thirty minutes before the Rumble match started. The pay-per-view was underway and they still didn’t know until they brought me and Rey [Mysterio] in the building.