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Impact Wrestling Results(5/31): Impact Wrestling Presents ‘Under Pressure’, New Champions Crowned, More

Impact Wrestling Results

May 31st, 2018

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Earlier tonight Sonjay Dutt holds a meeting with all of the talent. Dutt says management is actively working on a solution for the multiple backstage attacks. Caleb Konley notes that management can say whatever they want. It’s the talent that is getting attacked, not them. Petey Williams walks in and tells everyone to trust Dutt. Williams adds that if the person doing this is in the room right now they need to stop because they will find out who it is.

Eli Drake vs Scott Steiner

Drake and Steiner jaw at each other before the bell rings.  Steiner backs Drake into the corner. Steiner flexes in Drake’s face. Drake and Steiner argue again. Drake backs Steiner into the corner. Drake does the E-li-Drake taunt in Steiner’s face. Steiner lunges at Drake. Drake pokes Steiner in the eye as the referee is distracted. Drake hits the ropes and Steiner suplexes him clear across the ring. Drake rolls out of the ring. Drake stuns Steiner on the top rope. Drake lands a slingshot shoulder block. Popup bodyslam by Drake. Drake misses an elbow drop. Steiner hits an elbow drop of his own for a near fall. Drake rolls out of the ring. Steiner follows and slams Drake into the barricade.

Drake sends Steiner into the barricade. Drake reverses Steiner’s attempt to send him into the ring post. Drake grabs a chair but Steiner kicks Drake in the gut. Steiner sends Drake into the ring. Drake kicks Steiner and goes up top. Drake dives off the top rope but Steiner catches him and belly-to-belly suplexes him again. Steiner takes Drake over with the hop[ing belly-to-belly. Steiner blast Drake with the complete shot. Drake misses a springboard moonsault. Steiner tries to set up the Steiner Recliner. Drake lifts Steiner up in the electric chair. Drake drops Steiner on his butt. Steiner knocks Drake out of the ring. While the referee is distracted, Drake hits Steiner in the head with a chair and gets the three count.

Winner- Eli Drake