Impact Wrestling Results (6/7): Z&E Defend The Tag Titles, Edwards and Callihan Go To War In An Unsanctioned Match In The Woods, More

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Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: Z&E (c) vs Drago and Aerostar 

Drago takes down DJ Z. Drago locks in a leg lock. DJ Z tries to fight out of it. Drago arm drags DJ Z. DJ Z rolls out of the ring. DJ Z and Drago wrestle to a stalemate. Drago tags in Aerostar. Aerostar flips into the ring and then tumbles all over the ring. DJ Z tags in Everett. Everett backflips all over the ring as well. Everett and Aerostar shake hands. Aerostar spins on the ropes. Everett locks on in awe. Everett takes Aerostar over in a backflip head scissors. Everett hits a running hurricanrana. Drago and Aerostar take turns working over Everett. Everett manages to tag in DJ Z. DJ Z clears the ring. DJ Z rope walks arm drags Aerostar as he dropkicks Drago. Aerostar and Drago send DJ Z throat first into the ropes. Drago and Aerostar work over DJ Z. DJ Z ends up getting back body dropped out to the floor.

After the break, Aerostar and Drago try to back suplex DJ Z. DJ Z flips out of it and tags in Everett. Everett hits a double back elbow on Aerostar and Drago. Standing shooting star by Everett for a near fall. Drago kicks Everett in the gut. Drago blast Everett with a powerbomb. Drago goes up top. DJ Z surprises him with a sunset flip powerbomb. DJ Z and Everett miss dual moonsault. Aerostar dropkicks Everett and DJ Z. Aerostar tries to springboard but Everett catches Aerostar in the x-factor. Everett jumps off DJ Z’s back and corkscrew moonsaults Aerostar.  Everett pulls the rope open as DJ Z dives throw the ropes onto Drago. Everett follows that up with a springboard Asai moonsault. Aerostar springboards off the second rope to the top rope and splashes everyone on the outside. Everett goes up top. Aerostar walks the ropes and hurricanranas Everett off the top. Drago lands his running DDT. DJ Z breaks up the pin. Aerostar gets hit with the ZDDT. Everett goes up top and crushes Aerostar with the Skywalker for the win.

Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions, Z&E!