WWE NXT Live Results
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WWE NXT Takeover Chicago Results (6/16): Black Defends Against Sullivan, Ciampa And Gargano Go To War In A Chicago Street Fight, More

WWE NXT Takeover Chicago Results- Live

June 16th, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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NXT Tag Team Championship: The Undisputed Era (c) vs Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Strong takes down Lorcan. Strong mocks Lorcan while he is on the mat. Leapfrog by Strong leads to a back elbow by Lorcan. Burch tags in Lorcan. Strong brings Lorcan into his corner and tags in O’Reilly. O’Reilly locks in a side headlock. O’Reilly boots Burch in the face. O’Reilly tries a leapfrog and Burch picks O’Reilly’s leg out of the air. O’Reilly lands face first on the mat. Strong tries to help O’Reilly, but Lorcan and Burch suplex Strong onto O’Reilly. Lorcan and Burch send Strong and O’Reilly to the outside. Strong and O’Reilly confer with Adam Cole on the outside. O’Reilly tries to start from his back, Lorcan destroys O’Reilly with a few chops. Burch tags in. Lorcan and Burch both dropkick O’Reilly in the knees. Strong tags in and Burn hits a European uppercut followed by a missile dropkick. Burch is sent outside. O’Reilly hooks Burch’s leg as Strong hits a baseball slide. Strong sends Burch into the LED board. O’Reilly suplexes Burch then transitions into a kneebar. Burch gets to the ropes. Strong and Burch take turns beating down Burch. Burch tries to fight out of the corner but Strong blast him with a sick dropkick. Strong misses a running knee in the corner. Burch backdrops Strong. Strong tags in O’Reilly, who runs to the other corner and boots Lorcan off the apron., Burch headbutts O’Reilly.  O’Reilly and Burch each make tags. Lorcan clears the ring. Lorcan dives over the top onto Strong and O’Reilly. Lorcan sends Strong back into the ring. Strong misses a clothesline.

Lorcan obliterates Strong with a running European uppercut, followed by a half nelson suplex for a near fall. Lorcan unloads on Strong and O’Reilly with chops. Lorcan and Burch hit their finisher on Strong. O’Reilly breaks up the pin. Burch and Lorcan set up a Doomsday Device but Strong pushes Lorcan off the top. Lorcan falls off the top back-first on the apron. O’Reilly puts Burch in an armbar. Burch eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Strong hit the C4 on Burch. O’Reilly almost kicks Burches head off. Burch kicks out! Burch sends Strong and O’Reilly to the outside. Lorcan hits a Blockbuster off the apron on both O’Reilly and Strong. Lorcan and Burch hit a Doomsday Blockbuster! Lorcan goes for the pin but Cole pulls O’Reilly’s out of the ring. The referee ejects Cole from ringside. Lorcan and Burch set up their finish but Strong pulls Burch out of the ring. O’Reilly puts Lorcan in a guillotine. Lorcan reverses it into a suplex. Lorcan chop blocks Strong. Powerbomb by Lorcan. Lorcan turns it into a single leg crab. O’Reilly hits the ring and kicks Lorcan in the face. Lorcan fires up and brushes it off. B?urch puts O’Reilly in a cross face. O’Reilly kicks Lorcan while he is on the mat to break the hold. Each team jumps on each other. Everyone is exchanging lefts and rights. Burch gets dumped to the outside. Strong and O’Reilly unleash every strike the know on Locran. Strong and O’Reilly hit their version of Total Elimination on Lorcan for the win!

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, The Undisputed Era!