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Impact Wrestling Results (7/5): Killer Kross Debuts, Konnan’s Attacker Revealed, Original LAX Returns, More

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Rich Swann vs Fenix

Swann and Fenix go through a sequence where they both do the same moves at the same time over and over again. The exchange ends in a stalemate. Fenix dropkicks Swann. Fenix sends Swann to the outside. After another series of counters on the floor Swann hits a front flip senton off the top rope onto Fenix. Swann puts Fenix in the tree of woe. Fenix pops up tot he top rope and hits an insane moonsault. Swann rolls tot he outside. Topeé by Fenix. Fenix goes for a moonsault but Swann rolls out of the way. Fenix does a back role as Swann gets to his feet and hits a cutter. Fenix tries a handspring cutter but Swann does a handstand to avoid it. Both Fenix and Swann go for handsprings and end up neckbreakering each other in the process.

After the break, Fenix and Swann are taking turns chopping each other. Fenix hits a feint enziguri. Swann responds with a head kick of his own. Fisherman bomb by Swann for a near fall. Second rope 450 splash by Swann. Fenix kicks out. Fenix takes Swaan off the top with a popup top rope hurricanrana. Fenix hits the Fire Thunder Driver! Swann kicks out! Swann. Fenix drops Swann with a muscle driver for the win!

Winner- Fenix

After the match, oVe hits the ring and attacks Fenix. Jake is about to rip off Fenix’s mask. Pentegon Jr. hits the ring and makes the save. As Fenix and Pentagon Jr. pose in the ring, Pentagon Jr. kicks Fenix in the nuts and hits the package piledriver. Pentagon Jr. takes off his mask and its Sami Callihan. Swann tries to help Fenix but is quickly taken out. Callihan is about to rip off Fenix’s mask but the real Pentagon Jr. hits the ring. Pentagon Jr. hits a huge dive onto Callihan and oVe.