Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (3/8/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

March 8th, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Last Week’s Impact Wrestling Results

Rich Swann vs All Ego Ethan Page

Sann locks in a headlock but Page quick breaks it. After a dropdown/front flip spot Swann lands a dropkick. A stiff right hand from Page sends Swann into the ropes. Swann takes Page over with a ranna. Reverse suplex by Page. Swann kicks out. Page works over Swann’s back. Swann surprises Page with a rolling blockbuster. Swann dumps Page to the outside. Sky twister senton to the outside by Swann. Swann sends Page back into the ring.

Swann gets another two count after a frog splash. Swann goes up top. Page tosses Swann off the top. Page crushes Swann with the Snowplow. Swann kicks out. Swann and Page trade superkicks. Swann bounces off the ropes and drops Page with a handspring cutter. Swann lands the phoenix splash for the win.

Winner- Rich Swann

After the match, oVe surrounds the ring. Sami Callahan says tonight is the night. Tonight is the night that Swann finally joins oVe. Swann puts on the shirt. Everyone celebrates. Swann kicks Callahan in the back of the head. Swann drops both Crist brothers with a handspring cutter.

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