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Impact Wrestling Results (8/23): Callihan Battles Pentagón Jr. In A Mexican Death Match, Moose Returns, More

Report By Lovell Porter for

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In Ring Segment: Eddie Edwards

Edwards says he is a man and he can admit when he has gotten his ass kicked. The last two weeks Edwards has gotten his ass kicked. Edwards is still standing and still looking for a fight. Edwards loves the man that he has become. He loves it… he really does. Edwards is a man with nothing to lose and that makes him a dangerous man. Edwards has been dreaming about cracking his kendo stick over the heads of Austin Aries and Killer Kross. They can either come out here or Edwards will come to find them in the back. Aries and Kross walk out on the ramp. Aries says Edwards had his chance and he blew it. If Edwards thinks he can beat them he is insane. Edwards hits Aries with the mic and Kross with the kendo stick. Aries chop blocks Edwards. Kross puts Edwards in the Kross Jacket. Aries applies a figure four to Edwards as well. Aries puts a chair on Edwards’ head. Before Aries can hit Edwards, Moose hits the ring and makes the save.