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Impact Wrestling Results (9/6): Tessa Blanchard Defends Against Su Yung, Katarina’s Confession, Moose Explains His Actions, More

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Rich Swann vs Petey Williams

Before the match starts Matt Sydal joins the commentary desk. Classic drop down spot leads to a front flip into a dropkick by Swann. Williams trips Swann in the ropes. Williams dropkicks Swann in the back. Williams puts Swann on the top rope. Swann tosses Williams off the top. Swann locks in an armbar. Rolling senton followed by a splash by Swann for a near fall. Williams rannas Swann off the apron. Slingshot codebreaker by Williams. Willams crushes Swann with a modified complete shot. Swann surprises Williams with a head kick. Handspring cutter by Swann. Williams kicks out.

Swann sets up his patented standing 450 splash. Williams grabs Swann’s leg and puts him in the sharpshooter. Swann gets to the bottom rope. Williams Russian leg sweeps Swann. Swann responds with a standing shooting star. Williams kicks out. Stuff powerbomb by Swann. Swann goes up top. Williams rolls out of the ring. Swann cartwheels off the apron and spin kicks Williams in the face. Swann 450 splashes Williams off the apron! Swann goes up to for his finisher. Sydal distracts Swann from the ramp. Swann misses his Phoenix Splash. Williams obliterates Swann with the Canadian Destroyer for the win!

Winner- Petey Williams