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WWE Ultimate Edition Action Figures, Ronda Rousey Funko, How WWE Action Figures Are Designed (Photos & Video)

Mattel dropped a bombshell on the WWE toy community today with the reveal of not only their new WWE Ultimate Edition action figures, but also a sneak peek at some upcoming Elites and Retros as well!

WWE Ultimate Edition Action Figures

Earlier today Mattel showed off their new upcoming line of high-end WWE action figures, Ultimate Edition. The first two characters revealed were a Halloween Havoc 98 Ultimate Warrior as well as an entrance gear/ring gear Ronda Rousey. These are expected to release in Spring 2019 and feature the following description:

Launching with Ronda Rousey™ from her WrestleMania 34 in-ring debut and Ultimate Warrior® in his highly coveted Halloween Havoc 1998 attire, each Ultimate Edition figure features advanced articulation, including:

• Double-jointed elbows

• New articulated toes

• Ab-crunch torsos

• Swivel wrists and double-joined knees on Women’s Division figures

In addition, capture authentic entrance poses, epic mid-match comebacks, and signature finishing moves with swappable heads, hands, posable entrance gear, and more! Recreate unforgettable moments in ultimate realistic detail with WWE® Ultimate Edition figures. Available in Spring 2019.

Upcoming WWE Elites and Retros

Besides the Ultimate Edition figures, Mattel also revealed early prototypes of WWE Elite 68 King Mabel and ABA Undertaker, which will release in 2019. Not to mention we also saw new WWE Retros, a throwback to the old Hasbro WWE figures, such as:

  • Braun Strowman
  • Samoa Joe
  • Iron Sheik
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Zack Ryder

These will be available for pre-order in the future on

Ronda Rousey Funko POP!

Earlier this week Funko released an image of the upcoming WWE Ronda Rousey Funko POP!, which should also be available for pre-order on Ringside Collectibles in the near future. If you’re addicted to Funko POP! collecting like many others, wink wink, this should be another fun addition to your collection.

How WWE Superstars Are Scanned For Action Figures

WWE released a video on their YouTube channel, which looks to be a new web series about how WWE action figures are made, showcasing the process Mattel takes to scan superstars for their future figures. A lot of NXT talent were shown, creating a buzz in the toy community about whom we could see figures of in the near future! It’s a pretty fascinating video honestly.

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