BLK Jeez Interview
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BLK Jeez: Idolmania Sports Management Is A Team, Our Success Is A Beautiful Thing

BLK Jeez is a manager of champions, and he has his sights set on holding some gold of his own.

Throughout the past year-plus, Idolmania Sports Management has risen to the top of the NWA. The group includes Tyrus, Cyon, Jordan Clearwater, Jeez, and Austin Idol. Cyon won the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at NWA 74, Clearwater won the World Television Championship at NWA Hard Times 2022, and Tyrus captured he NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the same show. Ahead of NWA Nuff Said, the stable practically holds all of the gold.

In a new interview with WrestleZone, Jeez discussed the stable’s success and noted that while people might not have seen it coming, it feels great to be where they are now. He teased his interest in acquiring the Junior Heavyweight Championship, one of thew few titles in the NWA that the stable does not currently have.

“It feels great, man,” Jeez said. “When they put us together, I’m not sure if anybody thought that this was gonna happen. But here we are. We’re at the top of the NWA, top act in the company. It feels good. Got all the championships, except for the Junior Heavyweight Championship, but that might be coming soon, though.”

When asked to describe what has led them to this point, Jeeez noted that they all had a plan, and they knew they could go far if they stuck with it. That’s exactly what the group did, and Jeez called the result a beautiful thing.

“I would say that we all knew what the plan was,” he said. “The plan was to be at the top of the company. When we got together, we all clicked right away. We looked at it as a team effort, and if we put out heads together and stay on course, things will happen. That’s what we did, and all the success is happening right now. It’s a beautiful thing.”

There are plenty of stables in wrestling, and Jeez described how Idolmania Sports Management stands apart because the group is seemingly made of disparate parts; he noted that one wouldn’t expect to see him alongside Clearwater, or Tyus paired up with Cyon, but they have come together in the pursuit of greatness.

“I think it’s because when you look at everybody that’s in this group, you wouldn’t necessarily see all of us together,” Jeez said. “You probably wouldn’t see BLK Jeez with Jordan Clearwater, you probably wouldn’t see Cyon with Tyrus.

“So it’s like a collection of guys that you wouldn’t think would be together in a group and be able to shine so much. But I think that’s great because we’re all different personalities, and we all come together to make this happen. It’s just a great feeling to be able to make all of these successes happen.”

When asked to describe what binds them together, Jeez explained that they have all enjoyed different levels of success, and they bring different things to the table. He stated that each member of the group knows how to lead and fall back as needed, and they look at their work as a team.

“I think it’s because there isn’t any egos,” he said. “All of us have had success in pro wrestling in different levels. Tyrus was already established before he came to NWA. Austin Idol, you know the history of Austin Idol. Austin Idol is a legend. I’ve had my successes on the indies, had brushes with TV. Jordan Clearwater, he’s on the come-up.

“Since we’ve been able to get things done in other companies throughout our careers, we know how to be a team. Everybody knows when to take the lead, or when to fall back. There’s no egos. We look at this as a team effort. I think that’s the thing that makes things work for us.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of NWA Nuff Said as it airs on February 11. Check out the updated card here.

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