Title This: Impact Wrestling Reaction July 11th, 2013

Impact WrestlingThe Undercard

Ken Anderson and Magnus defeated Jay Bradley and Hernandez in a Joker's Wild Tournament Match in the Bound For Glory Series. Magnus shined in this match over the other three guys. I feel like TNA is really trying to push Magnus to the next level and I agree with them. Magnus has the great ability to have a combination of power and speed. He is fresh, newer, and has not been over exposed to this point. Magnus picks up the win when Hernandez and Bradley argue with one another. It was a cheap win but the team of Anderson and Magnus needed the victory.

Grade: C+

Kazarian and Bobby Roode defeated Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels in a Joker's Wild Tournament Match in the Bound For Glory Series. This was a unique pairing and an excellent exhibition of wrestling. I really enjoyed the combination of wrestlers in the ring. You had Aries and Kazarian fighting and keeping the pace up, then Daniels and Roode got into the action. Finally, the tag team of Daniels and Kazarian fought in the ring until Aries gets taken down by Kazarian. He hits a springboard DDT, but Daniels knocks Roode off the apron and breaks up Kaz's pin attempt. Kazarian and Daniels argue with one another until Aries sets up a Brainbuster but Daniels tags himself in, only to have Kaz surprise him with a small package rollup for the win.The match was fluent and very aggressive booking. Both teams were on the ropes and it seemed a little odd, but in a good way. This speaks volumes of how good these guys are with selling a story in the ring.

Grade: B+

Gail Kim defeated Taryn Terrell in a Number 1 Contender Ladder Match. The Knockouts certainly are the definition of aggressive and interesting womens wrestling. Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell work so good together. You have the veteran leadership of Kim, who is able to carry pretty much anyone. Terrell is underrated and really has good timing for a young Knockout. Taryn gets the upper hand by hitting Gail in the face with the ladder. From aggressive to technical, Kim locks a Figure 4 onto Terrell. She locks it in again, this time in between the ladder. It looked very strong and very good on television. Terrell hits a crossbody and both divas are on the ladder slugging it out. Taryn puts her in a dragon sleeper but Gail ties Taryn's hair to the ropes, then Taryn tries to free herself but Gail climbs and gets the contract. I thought the match was really planned out well. You know need to give Kim the win, but realize that Taryn will be around for a while. Well done in an overall booking aspect and the future of both of these women. TNA continues to trump WWE in this department.

Grade: B+