Title This: WWE Battleground Reaction “Solid Card With Predictable Finishes”

The Uso’s defeated The Wyatt Family to Retain the Tag Team Championships

wwe battleground reactionFirst Fall:

The Uso’s start off hot with a flurry of moves. Jimmy and Jey knock the big men to the outside to regroup. Rowan crunches the head and then hits a clothesline. Jey hits a back body drop and then tags in Jimmy. Jimmy gets hit with a huge boot from Harper. The first fall is to the Wyatt Family.

Second Fall:

Rowan hits a big splash onto Jimmy and isolate him for the time being. Harper stomps a mud hole into Jimmy and then exchange blows to the face. Jey gets a blind tag and comes in to roll up Harper for the second fall.

Third Fall:

Rowan hits a fallaway slam onto Jey Uso. Harper rings Jey into the bottom rope. Jey hits a big move and takes out both men. Jimmy gets the hot tag and flies to the outside and lands on Harper. Rowan is thrown to the outside and Jey flies himself to the outside. Jimmy runs the barricade and lands onto Harper. Crossbody gives the champions a two count. Jimmy tries a Samoan Drop, but hits a heel kick to the back of the head instead. Jimmy gets crushed into the corner and Harper tries a powerbomb. Corkscrew dive gets only a two count as Harper kicks out again. Harper hits a big boot again and he goes to the outside with a suicide dive. Harper gets kicked in the face and Harper hits a powerbomb for a two count. Rowan climbs the rope and misses a big splash. Harper tries and gets rung up on the top. Jey goes up top and hits a big splash for a two count. Rowan blasts Jey on the rope a few times and he is on the top with both Uso’s. Rowan hits a double superplex for a two count in an incredible spot. Harper hits a massive clothesline and Jey breaks it up AGAIN. The Uso’s are in control and both brothers head to the top. They hit a double splash and pick up a win.

the first and second fall were average, but the third fall was EPIC. That was incredible tag team wrestling and should end Harper and Rowan’s chances at being champions. If they have not won them yet, why would they? They will be associated with Bray Wyatt, which is only going to keep them in a high profile spotlight. This match had so many close calls and so many spots that we have not yet seen. When you think that they cannot top themselves again, they prove everyone wrong. 

WZ 9

AJ Lee defeated Paige to Retain the Divas Championship

Paige kicks AJ Lee in the face and then stomps a mud hole onto Lee in the corner. Paige knees her in the stomach multiple time and gets another two count. Paige places her knee in the back of AJ and stretches her out. Paige throws AJ Lee into the barricade and then throws her back into the ring. Paige heads to the top and AJ catches her. Paige hits a powerbomb from the top rope and AJ kicks out again at two. AJ kicks her a few time sand then AJ reverses a power slam and locks in the Black Widow. Paige fights out of it and hits her finisher. AJ kicks out of the Paige Turner. Paige tries to lock in a submission hold and the match goes back and forth until AJ hits Shining Wizard for the win. 

The match was pretty smooth. Paige looked better than ever in this loss because WWE let her become more aggressive and showed more intensity and personality in the ring. I really think the feud continues here, but they need to develop more depth in Paige to make this memorable. If not, we will see a rotation of Divas that we have been used to seeing over the past decade. I expected a little more here, but it was still pretty good.

WZ 6