The Seth Rollins Saga

seth rollinsI admit it. I’ve been dealing with writer’s block forever. I’ve admitted it here before and have a good stretch with some better than average prose but then it comes back. But, a story comes around that clears the block and writes itself. Such is the case with the sordid selfie saga of Seth.

But my thoughts aren’t about Seth Rollins and his embarrassing past few days. When you take pics of your privates, you know the risks. He pressed “send” and is paying for it. Based upon the new “Chyna” standards for Hall of Fame qualifications, I have to wonder if that will disqualify Rollins. Nah…

Life is a double standard. Some are judged by a set of standards while others get a pass. Who gets a pass? Guys get a pass. Girls? No chance. They get labeled.

That’s why my thoughts are about the “other woman” in this scenario. Zahra Schreiber just got to NXT and she’s already labeled, unfortunate but true.

Now, we don’t know all the facts. It could be that these two crazy kids met each other before she signed with NXT and they fell instantly in love. Seth hadn’t figured out a way to let his fiancée down easy but was getting around to it. The passion between Seth and Zahra was off the charts and they had to just send each other naked pictures. It could happen, right?

Or it could be something else.