Isenberg Reacts: WWE Smackdown “Cesaro Has Turned Another Corner”

The New Day defeated Lucha Dragons

wwe smackdownKofi Kingston kicks Cara in the corner, but E comes in and gets a backbreaker from Kalisto. Kalisto is tossed to the outside and gets thrown into the barricade. Big E ducks a Senton and then Cara tags Kalisto. He kicks Kofi a few times and then Sin Cara splashes him on the floor and E connects with a German suplex. Kalisto hits the Solida Del Sol. Xavier Woods causes a distraction and Sin Cara gets knocked off the apron. The New Day pick up the win with a double Big Ending.

The New Day picks up a solid win over a really polished and fun tag team. Kalisto and Sin Cara continue to develop a small following and use their electric offense to get over with the crowd. The New Day need the tag titles back, don’t they? I like Titus and Darren, but I do think the titles mean more to getting over (and continuing to get over) The New Day. They are so obnoxious as champions that it makes them a team you want to see each week. I cannot say the same for Prime Time Players.

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Thank God It’s Almost Over

King Barrett picks up a quick win over Jack Swagger and threatens R-Truth about what he will do to him at Battleground. Nicr try by WWE trying to make the fans really care about this match. They do not and the fans are so sick of how much of a waste Barrett has been. He deserves much better and maybe this will be the finality of a garbage feud that lacks importance, intrigue and anything relevant at the end of the day.

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