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Be-A-Star vs Fat-Shaming

Not long ago, WWE saw Kevin Owens as the next big thing. Now they just see him as big. Fat, to be specific. References to Owens’ weight are being sprinkled throughout his segments on WWE TV, and to what good end?

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Some say such comments get heel heat on Owens. I don’t see it.

But the real contradiction lies with WWE’s hypocritical stand on bullying, as put forth through the “Be a STAR” campaign. Calling Owens fat doesn’t show much tolerance and respect. But that’s OK, because abusing obese people is the last totally acceptable retreat of bullies. Fatsos don’t have a special interest group. There is no Rev. Jesse Jackson for those with excess tonnage.

“Hey, he called me fat!” “Well, you are fat! If you don’t like it, lose some weight, tubby!” But I digress.

Further compounding the hypocrisy is that Owens is a heel. So, calling Owens fat is fun for the whole family! He’s the bad guy! He deserves it!

Bullying is a major cornerstone of pro wrestling. Always has been. From that standpoint, WWE shouldn’t even bother with “Be a STAR.”

I don’t get confused when Stephanie McMahon, the executive, preaches against bullying…and then Stephanie McMahon, the character, goes on TV and bullies to a horrifying degree. But I bet the kids get confused.

Anyway, back to the fat guy…