Isenberg Reacts: WWE Smackdown “The Future of The Rising Four”

Charlotte defeated Naomi

wwe smackdownCharlotte gets the early advantage and knocks Namoi to the outside. Team B.A.D. distract Charlotte, which gives Naomi the upper hand with a clothesline as we head to a commercial break.

Charlotte applies a submission on on Naomi, grounding the athletic Diva. Naomi gets out of it with a double knee takedown. Naomi stays on the offensive and gets a chinlock on Charlotte. Charlotte blocks a bulldog and gets kicked in the face. After a few chops from Charlotte, she takes down Naomi. Naomi gets thrown to the outside onto her partnets and Charlotte then locks in her Figure-Eight for the win.

I really liked this pairing tonight. It combines two of the most athletically gifted Divas in the company for a good bout. Charlotte has the long and athletic Volleyball look, while Naomi is very underrated with her agility and speed. I thought the distractions outside were just enough and did not become too clustered. Charlotte picking up a clean win does more for her and her team than Team B.A.D. It is all about protecting your “new” divas.

WZ 6

Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper

Clothesline and more clotheslines! Roman starts off early with Luke, sending him to the outside and him landing on his feet to regroup. Harper comes back with some chops and then a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count, following with with some stomps and uppercuts. He then stomps and stands on Roman’s head and neck, really taking it to Reigns. Reigns ducks a boot and moves from the corner, having Harper ram into the steel post.

They begin trading punches and uppercuts until Harper hits a nice kick to the stomach, but Roman hits more clotheslines. Harper follows back with a dropkick, sending Roman on the outside. Dean and Bray tease one another on the outside, allowing Reigns to get a Samoan Drop in. Blow after blow, both men get more offense until Roman surprises with a Superman Punch. Bray breaks it up and this ends in a DQ.

I am such a big fan of Luke Harper in the ring. He is so skilled in every area in the ring and continues to carry the load for matches like this. Family vs. Family is a nice way to spin a normal tag team match at SummerSlam and make it more marketable. We have seen this fight before and it seems like this was a last minute fix, but it brought Harper back with Wyatt and gave us a reason to care about these four guys again.

They could have gone many different ways, but this should be treated like a big match. I am curious to see how they go AFTER SummerSlam. Who does up and who goes down? Do we see Wyatt and Harper chase tag titles? I would not be against that at all. It brings a new level of intriguing in a rather redundant division.

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