A British Point of View: WWE Lockdown?

WWE in recent weeks has gone throfile_168065_0_security 2ugh several security breaches which has put WWE talent in potential danger.

It all started a few weeks back when a gentleman decided to throw his purchased Money in the Bank briefcase at Roman Reigns during a house show. The briefcase struck Roman Reigns on the head when he was on his knees in the middle of the ring facing the wrong way.

The second instance involved a fan who managed to jump the barricade on a SmackDown taping and rushed towards Dean Ambrose who allegedly was carrying a knife. He was taken down by security.

There was a third situation which involved a deranged fan who was shot by police outside the WWE Performance Center. He had been harassing and threatening WWE talent and staff for a sustained period of time and he apparently rushed a police officer who was forced to open fire. The gentleman was in a critical but stable condition last I heard and nothing seems to have been released since.

Then finally, we had this past week on RAW where a fan managed to jump the barricade during Seth Rollins entrance and decided to take a walk round ringside on live TV.

Fortunately in all these instances, no WWE Talent was severely injured. It does however start to raise the question, does WWE have appropriate levels of security at their events and premises?

WWE are certainly no stranger in having to deal with people attempting to gain access to the ring and I always remember that WWE was very smart and quick to act when a gentleman (who was unfortunately only wearing Union Jack underpants) decided to jump into the ring during John Cena’s WrestleMania 23 entrance. WWE managed to act quickly and keep it from actually airing on live TV.

Granted, this situation didn’t seem dangerous but it was still a breach of security and how much control can WWE really have over a large audience? WWE is obviously a unique environment and there is always going to risks when your talent has such close interactions with the audience. But when you have four separate instances in such a short period of time, which also could have turned out much worse is something that WWE will have to and will most definitely take very seriously.