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5 Best “Final Four” Superstars In Royal Rumble History

shinsuke nakamura
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Royal Rumble match has become a staple in WWE over the last three decades, and it’s helped define careers, cement legacies, and so much more. The intensity, the drama, the heart-stopping moments, the surprises and the reactions are what makes it one of the most looked forward to matches in all of WWE.

Moreover, the implications of the match are big, so it makes sense that fans are naturally invested in it. In the Rumble itself, perhaps the most intense moment is the final four. The final four superstars have an intense staredown and it’s clear that one of the four is heading to WrestleMania.

More often than not, the final four comprises of the most elite superstars in the company, and with heavy star power comes a level of unpredictability as to who will get the ticket to WrestleMania. Here are the best “final fours” ever.

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