5 Greatest Non-Ladder Matches At The Money In The Bank PPV

WWE Money In The Bank - MITB

Money in the Bank has been a standard WWE PPV since 2010 and since then, it’s only grown. How much has it grown? So much so that many fans now consider it bigger than Survivor Series, while some feel that WWE should change “The Big 4” PPVs to “Big 5” PPVs. While it may not have the history of the other four, there’s no doubt that its popularity has grown.

Out of all the match stipulation-themed PPVs, MITB undoubtedly makes the most sense, especially given the stakes that the titular match olds. It’s even been introduced for women and we now have two MITB matches a year. It’s interesting because the PPV is not just known for the MITB matches itself, but also for some of the classic matches that its had in singles form.

Let’s take a look at the best singles matches at the MITB PPV.

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