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5 WWE Superstars Who Have Beaten Hulk Hogan Clean

hulk hogan
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Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest icons in wrestling history. He was the leading man when WWE ushered into the golden era and nationalization and had there been no Hogan, WWF would very likely have not reached the heights that they did. He was among the first larger-than-life superstars that WWF fans got to see on television and he transcended wrestling – he was a pop-culture icon.

As a result, Hogan was naturally very protected, rarely ever losing clean during his run on the top. While he does have a handful of clean losses, the fact of the matter is that WWE protected him due to his top star status along with the fact that Hogan rarely ever agreed to lose clean.

Either way, it has happened and one of these is even from WCW, where he lost clean a whole bunch of times. Here are five WWE legends who defeated Hulk Hogan clean.

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