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NWA 70 Live Results (10/21): Nick Aldis Regains The NWA Championship, New National Champion, Jazz Makes A Surprising Challenge

NWA 70 Live Results

October 21st, 2018

Report by Robert DeFelice for WrestleZone.com

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The show started with the cold open but was plagued by audio issues.

Joe Galli introduced Tony Schiavone and Jim Cornette. Both men briefly discussed their history before Joe threw it to Jennifer Decker who was with the men in the first National Championship 4-Way. The Cabana interview couldn’t really be heard due to audio issues. However, you could hear the audience cheering for Jim and Tony. Cyrus Fees began the introductions for the opener.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship Qualifier Match A: Sammy Guevara vs. Samuel Shaw vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Colt Cabana

The action started off very quickly with action that is too quick to call. There was a lot of emphasis on Samuel Shaw. There was a brief comedy spot where everybody was slapping each other with Shaw’s glove almost as if to challenge someone to a duel. Which I’m sure Jim Cornette loved.

There was an awesome off the top shooting star dive from Sammy. Scorpio hit a senton dive of his own. Cabana went for a dive but ended up getting rolled up by Samuel Shaw which eliminated him. Quickly, Scorpio Sky hit a bicycle knee that eliminated Sammy and almost instantly Samuel Shaw eliminated Scorpio with a superkick.

Winner: Samuel Shaw

More audio issues delayed an interview between Jennifer Decker and Blue Demon Jr who challenged the winner of the main event to meet him for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship in Mexico.

Introductions started for the next match.

Laredo Kid vs Barrett Brown

I would love to give you a minute by minute breakdown of this match but it was absolutely frantic in its pace. Quite a few planchas to the floor by both competitors. Barrett countered a Spanish Fly into a wicked DDT. A springboard cutter happened in the middle of the match for a 2-count. I’m pretty sure that Jim Cornette was shocked by that. Laredo missed a dive and got caught with a bicycle knee by Barrett for the three count. Great match! Way too quick to keep up with as I predicted.

Winner: Barrett Brown

The audio issues persisted and you could hear Jim Cornette over a video package say “it’s like a crapshoot.”

Match B Qualifier for the NWA National Championship is next. Couldn’t tell a lot of what they were saying due to audio issues when competitors were being interviewed and the audio came up just after James Ellsworth showed up in the middle of Jay Bradley’s promo and Jen Decker said let’s send it back to Joe and Joe, referring to Joe Galli and Jim Cornette. Not off to a wonderful start so far with the audio. Ricky Starks suddenly was at the announce position and demanded his video package be played and just before it was completely over, we were sent to a ringside interview with NWA Legend Magnum TA…

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