Figure Friday: Ringside Collectibles WWE Elite Matt Hardy (Photos)

Figure Friday is back! This week we take a look at the brand new exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Matt Hardy action figure!

He’s the first figure in the Mattel line to come with the modern ECW title, which is pretty cool we finally have that! He also comes with a removable shirt as well as an ECW microphone and some interchangeable hands. The interchangeable hands are a new feature for Elite figures in 2019, which I find quite awesome.

The Packaging

The packaging is really nice. I really love the colors as it pops. For those who collect mint this should really stand out among your collection as it’s different compared to any of the other WWE figures. I have to say a lot of the time Mattel does a really nice job on the exclusive packaging, especially the Ringside ones. Each figure’s box is just so unique, making mint collectors very happy.

The Head Scan

Looking at Matt’s head scan it is the same one as his Summer Slam Elite; however, this one takes advantage of the new True FX technology. This printing technology is more cost effective for Mattel. It also allows them to be printed a lot more detailed, which is great for realism. You can hear Mattel’s WWE Elite toy designer Bill Miekina talk about the process on Sam Robert’s podcast if you’re interested. The detail on Matt’s head is great, especially the facial hair and where his hair is short shaven. It just makes the scan that much better honestly.

The Attire

Moving on to Matt’s shirt, it is removable. Unfortunately it’s not cloth as most collectors prefer, but that’s most likely due to him coming with the title. If I had to guess the skull and crossbones logo was removed from the shirt for budget purposes, but I could be wrong. If you’re wondering how it’s on the shirt in the image above that was actually photoshopped to make the image more authentic. The shirt can be removed on the sides where you see the notches, just unfasten those to remove it.

The detail on Matt otherwise is great. His pants have a ton of detail in the design. Even his belt is highly detailed, too. He has painted on pads on his arms since they were more skin-tight. Painting them makes it more realistic looking than a bulky rubber piece as Bill from Mattel also addressed. I have to agree unless they were able to make a thin rubber for the figures that require such. Maybe one day? Regardless I think it looks nice and doesn’t interfere with any of his articulation thankfully.

The Hands

Other than that the hands are pretty easy to swap, just be patient removing the hands as the pegs are quite thin and could snap if you’re not careful. I love he has taunting hands as well as in-ring hands for however you choose to play and/or display him.

The ECW Title Belt

And lastly we have the new ECW title to the Mattel WWE line, which is pretty neat. The detail on the plates is really well done, making this figure highly sought after for that alone. The belt is adjustable, just put the belt around your figure’s waist and fasten the notches accordingly to fit them properly.

Overall, I’d say it’s one of my favorite Matt Hardy figures as of late honestly. The detail, interchangeable hands and of course the ECW title make it worthwhile. If you decide to pick it up be sure to use my discount code MBG to Save 10% on! Be sure to pick him up ASAP as well before he sells out as once they’re gone you’ll only be able to get him on the after market.

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Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next week!