David Arquette
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RJ City Hosts Retro Game Show Segment (Video), Sasha Banks The ‘Best In The World?’

RJ City Hosts Retro Game Show Segment On The CBC (Video)

RJ City has shown that he is apart of the wrestling school of versatility. From being able to successfully tag with Hollywood starlets such as David Arquette to brewing coffee in his underwear, the man has shown the ability of a go-getter. That includes hosting game shows. With Bob Barker-style microphone and all, RJ City took to the CBC to host a retro game-show segment titled “Dress ‘Em Up” that commenced at a Value Village. I’ll allow the man himself explain the rules to you below (courtesy of his Facebook):

RJ City is set to join Tommy Dreamer‘s House of Hardcore 52 show on December 8th when the Innovator Of Violence’s promotion returns to the old ECW Arena at Swanson and Ritner in south Philadelphia. Tickets can be bought by going here.

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Sasha Banks The ‘Best In The World?’

Sasha Banks took a moment to parody Shane McMahon‘s “Best In The World” World Cup win by photoshopping her head on the SmackDown commissioner.