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NXT UK Talents Reportedly Facing More Contract Restrictions

It appears that WWE may be slowing down on allowing their United Kingdom talent to continue working regular independent dates.

According to a report by WrestleTalk, at the most recent set of NXT UK tapings, the talent was handed new contracts, which would increase their overall salary but also added some new restrictions regarding where they can work. The report states that while this new restriction doesn’t apply to everybody, there will be some key talent that will no longer be allowed to work for any other promotions in the United Kingdom. Previously WWE allowing its United Kingdom talent to work promotion as long as they didn’t have a significant online following such as Defiant, or were one of their partner promotions like PROGRESS or ICW.

It was noted that the majority of those talents with new contracts will be able to finish up advertised bookings through the end of the year. WrestleTalk said those appearances will come with other restrictions, including:

…talent can only wrestle on a show if there is a paramedic there, due to several members of the roster turning up to the recent UK Performance Centre training session carrying injuries that WWE were unaware of. For several smaller promotions, this could be a problem.

More interestingly, our sources indicate that NXT UK talent will not be permitted to wrestle against anyone contracted to ROH, Impact, NJPW, WOS or any other major promotion. Previously this had not been the case. This applies immediately, meaning any previously booked and advertised matches pitting NXT UK talent against wrestlers from any of the aforementioned groups need to be changed.

Tidal Wrestling recently noted that Ligero would be finishing up with them after his appearance at their ‘Silent Nightmare 5’ event on December 16th. They did not explicitly say why Ligero would cease appearances, but Ligero revealed he was a contracted NXT UK talent back in June.

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