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Taz Talks ‘Sh*tshow’ RAW: Suggests Major Changes For Renee Young & Why NXT Talent Should Be ‘Panicking’

WWE RAW Results

ECW legend Taz once again took to his Taz Show podcast and didn’t hold back when it came to this week’s episode of RAW.


On This Week’s RAW:

RAW [was] sh*tshow city, another bad RAW. This was bad. Again, it was non-stop on the social media with people angry. People were clicking off of the show. People were praising that there was a Monday Night Football game on that they were switching over and watching: The Eagles & The Redskins, as opposed to RAW. I saw a lot of that, which is not a good sign. A lot of people want me to do this podcast about RAW and really, I try. I try not to go fu*king berzerk and rip sh*t and go crazy, but come on. Some of the things they’re doing here, I don’t even know where to start. First of all, the Sasha [Banks]/Bayley deal where in the ring with the chairs, with the talking with Alexa Bliss, they did it last week and now they’ve got to do it again. It’s not good guys. It’s not good. Stop! Stop! It’s not good. With the fake people that ask them questions, it’s so bad. Are you doing it on purpose? Here’s the good thing; they started the show with a match, a kind of match. I don’t know. I’m trying to find some positives….they took heat off of some of the heels that they shouldn’t have taken heat off of. This happened a couple times in the night….which is bad. When you take time to put heat on heels, heels that you’re forcing on us, heels that are talented, but just not ready with the push, but you’re forcing them on us and then you’re taking the fu*king heat off of them. That’s what happened here twice – not once- twice.


On Natalya/Riott Squad Table Spot:

They put Natalya through a table and that even looked so trite and contrived. The Riott Squad just kinda slide the table over and put Natalya through it. I’m watching that and it’s nothing against the girls; it’s just the way it was booked. I’m not blaming the girls. I’ve used tables a lot in my career to suplex guys through tables and I’ve seen a lot of guys on cards with me use tables successfully the right way and one of the little simple things to do with a table to make everything look more realistic – it is a real table, so you’re putting someone through a table – but part of the anticipation and the angst and the sense of fuc*ing urgency is getting the table from under the ring instead of them just sliding it over, a table being placed properly. I understand how it was put there, but there’s got to be that sense of urgency, ‘Hurry up. Let’s put this table there. Hurry up before this person is revived too much.’ That kind of thing feels better. Little sh*t like that makes things feel more realistic because they are more realistic, I should say.


On The Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler Match:

Blowoff Match Jones, OK? Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. I got no problem with an angle, with some kind of a story with [Dolph] Ziggler and Drew McIntyre because of the partnership they had. We’ve seen this done in wrestling 5.6 billion times and it’s fine that they do it 5.6 billion times to do an angle, a feud, with Ziggler and McIntyre, but they didn’t do that. The angle is with Finn Balor and McIntyre. They did a blowoff. They had a turn where McIntyre turned on Ziggler and Ziggler kicked him, a match, and a blowoff all in one segment with Ziggler beating McIntyre. I’ve got no problem with these two guys having a match, but build it up to something. These guys had a partnership and why take the fuc*ing heat off McIntyre and make him lose? ‘Because Taz, Finn Balor cost him the match.’ Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! If you’re putting the rocket on Drew McIntyre, then fuc* it, put the rocket on him. Don’t have Ziggler beat him. Don’t have him beat him! The whole thing is rushed. The angle is rushed and they buzzed through it…..they took these two guys and just basically wrapped it all up and put a little bow on it in a segment.


On RAW Being A Waste Of Time:

I’m pissed. Don’t waste my time! I’m tired of this sh*t. A waste of my time! Invest three hours like an idiot week in and week out and week in and week out. DVR, no DVR. Live, half live. Stop! I’m telling you, soon, I’m done.


On WWE’s Inability To Get Talent Over:

They have guys – talent – that they’re trying to get over as top talent and I talked about this last podcast and the previous podcast and I’ll say it again, if you’re fu*king new to my sh*t here. They have guys they’re trying to get over: they’re wet cement….they’re wet cement. Look to build a house and you need the fuc*ing foundation to be poured with cement and what does the cement have to be? Dried. You have guys that have the ability to be top guys, the ability to be foundational guys, but they’re still wet cement and now you’re rushing them. You’re rushing them. You got Braun Strowman: he’s rehabbing an injury. You’ve got obviously the ultra serious situation, the unfortunate situation that’s going on with Roman Reigns, who God-willing we see him again down the road and hopefully he’s recovering or battling with the legitimate health issues he’s battling and thoughts are with him and his loved ones. They’re missing – you’ve got no Brock Lesnar on the show, so now you’re trying to make stars, but the thing is you didn’t prep these guys enough yet. They’re not over enough yet for me to buy in. It’s not because they’re not good enough. You guys didn’t fuc*ing push ‘em right. You didn’t.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

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