Figure Friday: The Loyal Subjects WWE Blind Box Action Figures (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday and this week we take a look at the highly anticipated The Loyal Subjects WWE blind box action figures! These are essentially mini Elite-style WWE action figures, with chase and mystery box figures included. Each comes with accessories and some even come with pieces to build a WWE ring for them! Some of these figures are so limited, such as only 2 or 28 being made, making them very highly sought after.


Unfortunately the company didn’t reveal too much information on where to buy them exactly. Some people have seen them on a display with other Loyal Subjects toys at 7-Eleven stores while the latest Wrestle Crate is offering them in their upcoming subscription box. The Loyal Subjects told us they leave marketing up to the collectors sharing where they found them as part of the figure hunt, which is a very unique way to get the word out about their figures. Their other series can currently be found at stores like FYE and Hot Topic as well as Walmart, so perhaps we will see them there? will have them as well as we’ve confirmed with them directly so keep an eye out!

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a case of twelve from their first wave. Here’s the odds of whom you can get from the first wave:

  • AJ Styles (with SmackDown WWE Championship) – 1/12
  • Brock Lesnar (with WWE Universal Championship) – 2/12
  • Finn Balor (Red Demon with MITB briefcase) – 1/12
  • Finn Balor (White Demon with MITB briefcase) – 1/96
  • Finn Balor (non-Demon with MITB briefcase) 1-96
  • John Cena (with United States Championship) – 2/12
  • Macho Man Randy Savage (Purple Trunks with ring bell) – 1/12
  • Macho Man Randy Savage (American Flag Attire with ring bell) – 1/48
  • Macho Man Randy Savage (Gold with ring bell) – 2 (only 2 were made)
  • Referee – Club 28 (only 28 were made)
  • Referee (Glow-in-the-dark) – Club 28 (only 28 were made)
  • Roman Reigns (with steel chair) – 2/12
  • Sasha Banks (with ladder) – 1/48
  • Shinksuke Nakamura (Red with kendo stick) – 1/12
  • Shinsuke Nakamura (Black with kendo stick) – 1/24
  • Sting (with bat) – 1/24
  • Undertaker (with urn) – 1/12
  • WWE Ring – 1/24 (Figures are randomly packed with ring pieces/ropes)

We pulled:

  • John Cena (x2)
  • AJ Styles (x1)
  • Brock Lesnar (x2)
  • Roman Reigns (x2)
  • Sasha Banks (x1)
  • Macho Man (Purple) (x1)
  • Macho Man (American) (x1)
  • Finn Balor (Demon) (x1)

We got a few ring pieces as well with some of them, which was exciting. Not to mention each figure comes with a trading card showing the figure as well as what they come with. There are several “mystery” figures in the case that come with a blacked out window so you can’t see what is inside at the store. We were lucky enough to score four of them and each contained some of the more rare figures as well as the easier 1/12 figures to get. These figures are around the $13 price point at most locations and every case you find will be different than the last, making the hunt pretty tough and exciting or frustrating. You can currently get some exclusive versions in two-packs on and those come with accessories, too.


The figures are pretty nice. They’re not the cheapest as they cost almost as much as a Mattel Elite figure, but they are pretty detailed and articulated for their size. They have ball-jointed wrists, heads, arms, legs, chest and ankle joints as well as typical knee joints, which makes them pretty posable for little figures. The accessories they come with are fun. Hopefully they’ll include some mini breakable tables for them in the future! Check out the gallery below to really see each figure up close and personal.

We also learned of the Walmart Exclusive wave that should be surfacing eventually this year as well. It supposedly features:

  • AJ Styles (red, white & blue w/WWE Championship): 2/12
  • Ultimate Warrior (w/Intercontinental Championship): 2/12
  • Undertaker (w/cross emblem & urn): 2/12
  • John Cena (orange w/US Championship): 2/12
  • Brock Lesnar (red trunks w/Universal Championship): 2/12
  • Roman Reigns (w/red logo & folding chair): 2/12
  • Ultimate Warrior (w/blonde slicked-up hair & IC Championship): 1/48
  • Sting (Wolfpac w/baseball bat): 1/96
  • WWE Referee (blue shirt): Club 28
  • Ultimate Warrior (all gold w/IC Championship): 2

If you’d like to see each figure individually reviewed in-depth be sure to check out the video below:

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