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Collector’s Corner: WWE Top Picks Series 2019 (Photos)

Every year Mattel plans to release new Basic-style figures highlighting the latest in top talent in WWE via their WWE Top Picks Series 2019 set! This series is designed, much like their Elite one, to keep action figures of the top talent in WWE on shelves at all times for the new and casual collectors to break into the hobby.

This set features:

  • Jeff Hardy
  • AJ Styles
  • John Cena
  • Seth Rollins

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The Packaging

Each figure features the same style packaging with the white, slick look and the gold plated Top Picks logo on the top right of the card. While the back of the box showcases all whom is in the set, as listed above.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is similar to his Battle Pack figure that came with Matt Hardy not too long ago; however, this one features the newer True FX scan technology, providing more detail in the face scan. Jeff features his black and purple attire, black jeans, and his white and black boots. He also has some tattoos on his right hand.

Overall, Jeff is probably my second favorite figure in this set behind AJ. It’s too bad they haven’t come up with a new torso for him than painting over the tank top body. Other than that it’s nice in my opinion if you enjoy collecting the Jeff Hardy figures. The purple attire is nice I think.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles is my favorite in the set. His attire is also the most elaborate of all in the set, which is what probably makes him most appealing. Not to mention it’s AJ Styles. He features his red, white and blue attire, which pops well. He has the P1 logo on his elbow pad, the logos on his tights and kick pads as well as his abdomen tattoo. He also features a red glove and blue glove, but here is where my biggest gripe comes in. His blue glove has a red peg holding the hand piece instead of a blue one, looking like a sore thumb. I am very confused why it is not blue like the color of the glove, which is the biggest downfall to this figure.

Overall, I really like it. His scan is decent, it’s not his most recent one that looks even more like him, but it’s still nice. The details on him are great, but that red peg piece is such an eyesore on it and I can’t figure out why he has that. But if you can overlook that then it’s worth it.

John Cena

Cena is the same as about all his other figures. A lot of his latest figures are in this green attire so if you have one you have them all pretty much. If you don’t own his green attire, this one would be great to pick up. He has the Cena logos on his wrist bands and armbands, which is nice. He features his signature blue shorts as well as knee pads underneath and his black/blue shoes. His scan looks decent and they even capture the fade in his hair well.

Overall, not the most exciting figure as it looks just like majority of his others as of late. If you don’t have a Cena and want to pick one up then I recommend it. It would just be nice to see some older version of Cena we haven’t seen in a while just to make it more interesting to collectors.

Seth Rollins

Seth is a bit of a head turner, as his Elite Top Picks 2019 figure, as Mattel circled back to an older attire of his that they’ve made before than making a newer one. He also features his back tattoo and his older yelling scan than his latest scan, which is also kind of odd as they have better scans for him since. I personally like this attire and always have, but we’ve seen it already and I’d love to see a new one as he has so many.

Overall, the figure is good for those whom missed out on it, but this one doesn’t have ankle articulation like his older one did. As said I wish they made a newer outfit than repeating an old one, so I’m not sure how well this figure will do as we’ve seen it already. Regardless, it’s still a cool attire of Seth’s and if you missed out then you can have a chance to get it again.


Overall this series isn’t the most exciting, but it’s meant to keep the top guys on pegs all the time and that’s exactly what it will do. Casual and new collectors can pick them up while diehard collectors like myself more than likely won’t bat an eye as we have several of these already. Regardless, they’re not bad figures in general and you can get them over on Ringside Collectibles if you don’t want to wait for retail.

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