WWE NXT Live Results
Photo Credit / Layout: Bill Pritchard

WWE NXT Live Results (6/19/19)

WWE NXT Live Results

June 19, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In Ring Segment: The Undisputed Era

Adam Cole says the UE doesn’t start at the bottom, they start by taking out the guy at the top. Anyone who decides to get in their way they make sure that person will regret it. Cole holds up the NXT Championship and says they are going to remake NXT. Cole shows a video of how the show should start every week. A video showing only UE highlights is shown. O’Reilly says the video was just something he threw together last night. Cole says they have undisputed power. Cole wants the NXT North American and tag team champs to shine their titles up real nice for Strong, O’Reilly, and Fish. No one can stop them. Not, William Regal or even Triple H.

The Velveteen Dream walks out on the ramp. Dream repeats that Adam thinks no one can touch him. Dream wants to touch Cole. Cole looks good with the gold but Dream looks better. Dream wants the NXT Championship. Strong says Dream doesn’t deserve the title he has. Matt Riddle interrupts and asks Strong how hard he hit him at TakeOver. Riddle beat Strong… and he beat Cole, Bay-Bay. Cole says Riddle is jealous because he has never been champion. Cole tells Riddle to go back to writing reviews for wrestlers from the Attitude Era. That era is over and Riddle’s era will never come. Tyler Breeze struts out on the stage. Tyler says he doesn’t care what’s undisputed or who is better looking (which is Breeze, btw). Breeze says he takes issue with the UE taking credit for building a brand he built before any of these idiots were ever here. Breeze says the main event is the three of them against any three of the UE.

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