UFC Fighter Colby Covington On A Potential Move To WWE

It’s safe to say that UFC fighter Colby Covington has been making some noise over the course of the last few days, courtesy of his big win at UFC Newark over former champion Robbie Lawler. In addition to the victory itself, he also made a series of post-fight comments, many of which caused quite a bit of controversy in the world of mixed martial arts.

Covington previously had a brief run in IMPACT Wrestling with American Top Team, during which time it quickly became evident that he could do some really fun things in the world of professional wrestling. Now, with his MMA career at an all-time high, it certainly seems like he’s giving the idea of a transition some serious thought – as the man himself commented on during his appearance on ESPN’s Helwani Show earlier today.

Covington’s next fight is expected to be for the Welterweight Championship, as he prepares to challenge Kamaru Usman for the belt.

On a possible move to WWE:

“Vince McMahon, I’m gonna see you soon, man. I’m gonna get that WWE belt and I’m gonna have this UFC belt. I’m gonna be a two-sport world champion. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true. “

On talking to UFC about the idea:

“We haven’t had that sit-down talk yet, but I think they’re gonna realise it’ll be good for business, to be able to cross over and go back and forth. I mean, Brock Lesnar did it, so why can’t I do it?”

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