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Becky Lynch Respects Natalya, Kevin Owens Jokes About Title Shots


Becky Lynch Respects Natalya

Becky Lynch, much like her fellow countryman Conor McGregor, always knows how to follow through on a promise. She let the world know that she wanted to put Natalya away at SummerSlam, and in the end, she did just that in a submission match. In the immediate aftermath of the bout, she issued the following message in praise of Nattie who came up just a little bit short in Toronto.

Now, the attention turns towards who her next challenger for the belt will be.

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Kevin Owens Jokes About Title Shots

Kevin Owens has always wanted his chance to get the Universal Championship back after losing it to Goldberg at Fastlane 2017, and as reported by the man himself, it turns out that he has been much more patient than we all realised. Now that he has finally put Shane McMahon in the rear-view mirror, it’s about time that he focuses on the future – or perhaps goes after a new title entirely.