Cedric Alexander
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Cedric Alexander On Working With Paul Heyman, ‘Cementing That Legacy’ Via King Of The Ring

In an exclusive interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cedric Alexander commented on his current rise and how King of the Ring could be key to getting him to the top of the RAW world. “Winning King of the Ring is one step further to being that icon and, for me, cementing that legacy. That’s what the ‘Age of Alexander’ has always been about! Me collecting those accolades and building that legacy. King of the Ring is a perfect way to catapult me all the way to the top.”

Cedric also states that he was a fan of the King of the Ring tournament all the way back when he was watching Rob Van Dam take on Brock Lesnar in the tournament final as a child. “Van Dam has been my favorite wrestler since day one. I was so thinking he was going to win, but then Brock came in,” Cedric elaborated. “He was ‘The Next Big Thing.’ Brock’s another guy who, look at him now! He’s had a stranglehold on that Universal Championship for the last like two years.”

Cedric Alexander has been a growing part of Monday Night RAW, and one of the reasons for that might just be Paul Heyman. He states that he doesn’t know exactly how Paul is pushing for him backstage, but he feels thankful to work with the Mad Genius of ECW.

He’s really helped me feel more comfortable. He saw a match I had with Bobby Roode months ago on an episode of Main Event and he was a very big fan of it. He’s given me pointers on how to project myself better to fans and small little show business quirks. Because that’s one of the things I’m not 100% comfortable on sometimes, so talking in front of a camera is something that Paul has definitely helped me get more in tune with.

For more of the interview, including Cedric’s pick for who he’d like to face in his own KOTR tournament final, check out the full interview.

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