Impact Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (9/27/19)

IMPACT Wrestling Results

September 27, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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The Announcers tells us that we will be following IMPACT World Champion Brian Cage and Melissa Santos’ wedding journey tongiht.

The North shows up dressed like LAX.

Rhino and RVD Def. The North

Konnan distracts The North which allows RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Josh Alexander following a Gore by Rhino.

Shera Def. Cousin Jake

Shera pins Jake after he hits his finisher.

Tenille Dashwood Def. Madison Rayne

Dashwood surprises Rayne with the Spotlight for the win.

At the wedding, Rich Swann and Willie Mack jaw with RVD about who should be the tag team champions.

Ken Shamrock is in the IMPACT Zone. Shamrock says he has so many memories here and now he is back. Shamrock says he is going to shut Moose’s mouth. Shamrock is here to put Moose in a grave. Shamrock says he has looked all over but he can’t find Moose. Shamrock isn’t leaving till Moose shows up. Moose appears on the ‘Tron. Moose is in Shamrock’s hometown gym. Moose beats up a few of Shamrock’s students. Moose declares himself the “World’s Most Dangerous Man”.

Backstage, Taya Valkyrie asks Rosemary to get rid of Dashwood. If Rosemary does, Valkyrie will give Rosemary the title shot instead. Rosemary says no. Any respect she had for Valkyrie is gone.

oVe shows up at the wedding. The guests hold Callihan back. Callihan says they just came to deliver a gift. oVe eventually just leaves.

X-Division Ladder Match Qualifier: Tessa Blanchard Def. Dave Crist

Blanchard gets the three count after hitting the Buzzsaw DDT. After the match, Madman Fulton chokeslams Blanchard multiple times.

Almost every IMPACT wrestler is at the wedding ceremony. Tommy Dreamer walks Melissa down the aisle. After multiple interruptions, including Eddie Edwards stumbling in after being drugged by Ace Austin. Edward throws up on the official. Ace Austin tries to get in Edwards’ face. Edwards swings at Austin but hits the official. Dreamer asks if there is anyone here who could take over. Father James Mitchell appears and completes the ceremony. Cage and Melissa say “I do” and are finally married. The wedding reception will be in the ring.

Cage and Melissa are announced as man and wife. The entire IMPACT Roster has surrounded the ring. Cage and Melissa share their first dance in the middle of the ring. Sami Callihan interrupts. Callihan tries to hit Cage with a champagne bottle but he accidentally hits Melissa instead. Dreamer pushes Callihan out of the ring. Callihan tries to apologize.

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