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Savio Vega Says WWE Offered Carlito A Contract, Explains Why ‘Everyone’ Becomes A Champ

Former WWF star Savio Vega recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss a handful of things, including his cousin Epico and Primo, and the fact that Carlito nearly returned to the world of the WWE.

Check out some of the highlights from the interview below:

On WWE trying to hire Carlito and the contract status of Epico & Primo

[WWE] tried to get Carlito back. I talked to him last week … His [cousin Epico and brother] Primo, I believe they finish this year coming up. They’re working in Puerto Rico now. They don’t even use them anymore.

Why everyone gets a belt in WWE

That’s for selling toys. Everyone is a champion, make the belts and different costumes. That’s why everyone is a champion there. When you have 20 belts, you can sell more belts.