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Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Storm Collectibles Hulk Hogan Figures (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! This week we take a look at the latest Ringside Collectibles exclusive Storm Collectibles Hulk Hogan figures.

These, I believe, are limited to 3,000 each, making them rare once they fully sell out. You can currently get them on where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

This set includes:

  • Hulk Rules Hulk Hogan
  • American Made Hulk Hogan
  • Hulkamania Hulk Hogan

The Packaging

Each Hogan comes in a small package with a large window displaying all that comes with each figure, such as the accessories. Each box represents the main color of the figure’s attire, such as red, yellow and blue, while displaying the figures on the sides and information on the back. When you open the box you can see the figure and accessories are protected well by a vacuum sealed plastic bubble, protecting them from transit and any other potential damage. You can see the Ringside Collectibles Exclusive sticker on the front of each box followed by large images of each figure on their designated box, too.

Hulk Rules Hulk Hogan

The Hulk Rules Hogan is my favorite of the three as it’s the classic version of Hogan everyone remembers best. He comes with his Hulk Rules headband and cloth t-shirt while showcasing his famous red and yellow attire. He comes with swappable heads and hands as well as a gold necklace, a bandana and a display stand.

Overall, this Hulk is excellent. The different facial expressions are fun depending on how you want to display him, plus the bandana fits snug over his headband if you rather show him like that. The articulation is really nice as he has a ton of movement, much more than a Mattel figure. The articulation on him is very similar to the Ultimate Edition figures, but has a little bit more than those even do.

American Made Hulk Hogan

The American Made Hogan is a fun throwback to his blue and white attire if you recall that time of his career. He comes with a white bandana that says “Hulkster” on it, plus a cloth American Made shirt with the rips in the back followed by his blue and white attire. He also comes with a gold necklace, swappable heads and hands and a display stand.

Overall, this Hogan is nice, too. He has the same articulation as the others and the cloth shirt is a nice touch, much like the others. I don’t recall this outfit as well as the red and yellow but it’s still a cool figure to have to represent that time of his career.

Hulkamania Hulk Hogan

When I think of Hulkamania Hogan I don’t think of this attire as this outfit isn’t as well known in my opinion, but still a key part of his career. The Hulkamania t-shirt being the most iconic of course. He comes with the same heads as the American Made version, with the “Hulkster” headband on them, followed by his cloth shirt, swappable hands and a display stand as well as a gold necklace. He features his white and red attire, too.

Overall, it’s a nice figure and mimics the highly sought after LJN figure of him from way back when, at least that’s what I think of when I see it. The cloth shirt is a big plus if you want a cloth Hulkamania shirt to have in general.


These figures are really nice. I think Storm did a great job capturing a young Hogan’s likeness considering they obviously can’t scan him from this time of his life. It’s fun to have some throwback figures of him considering Mattel can’t make any currently, but hopefully that does change sooner than later. The display stands really help you display him like I do if you decide to open him and put him on a shelf. These figures are great for display purposes, which they’re meant for at their higher price point (being they’re imports), and I recommend them to anyone who is a Hulkamaniac. Get them while you can as they are supposedly limited to a small quantity. They go great with the previous Storm Hogan figures that released, which I also highly recommend. You can still get many of them over on Ringside if you’re interested.

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