Photo credit: WWE

Kyle Busch Explains How WWE 24/7 Championship Win Came To Be

Kyle Busch spoke with to talk about his experience on this past week’s WWE RAW, which included trading the 24/7 Championship with R-Truth. Originally, he was just there to enjoy the show, but WWE caught wind of his arrival and took advantage.

They heard we were coming and then set us up and said, ‘Hey, you want to be a part of the show?’ And I was like, ‘Well, all right, sure. What’ve you got in mind?’ Then they brought this up and I’m like, ‘Oh hell. This is going to be fun.’

Busch recalled that this wasn’t the first time he’d been on RAW, as he and fellow racer Joey Logano had appeared more formally during the guest host era. He admitted that he “fumbled through” the script he was handed, and he was glad this week’s appearance required no such memorization. “This time, they were like, ‘don’t talk, just do.’ So it worked out.”

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