Mick Foley WWE 24/7 Championship
Image Credit: WWE

WWE 24/7 Championship Listed As Retired On WWE Website

The WWE 24/7 Championship has apparently been retired.

On WWE’s official website, the title is listed among WWE’s active championships, but its lifespan is noted as “2019-2022”. The title was introduced by Mick Foley on the May 20, 2019, episode of WWE RAW. It had been featured on WWE TV until Triple H took over as the head of creative on July 25, 2022. The November 7, 2022, episode of RAW marked the first time the title was defended on TV during the Triple H era. Nikki Cross beat Dana Brooke to win the title, and she subsequently tried to throw it in the trash.


A number of Superstars, legends and other individuals have won the title in its existence. Rob Gronkowski, Enes Kanter, Kyle Busch, Peter Rosenberg, Doug Flutie, and Fox broadcaster Rob Stine, among others, are examples of non-wrestles who have held the gold. R-Truth won the title a record 54 times, while Reggie has the longest single reign (112 days). Pat Patterson was the oldest champion at the age of 78 years old. Overall, there were 195 official reigns in its three-year run.

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