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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Teddy Hart Calls From Jail, Comments On Recent Arrest For Possession Of Narcotics

Teddy Hart gives his side of the story.

A new video uploaded to Hart and Maria Manic’s ”Maria & Ted’s Unfiltered Adventures” YouTube channel features a jailhouse phone call from Teddy, who confirms he was arrested for drug possession and wanted to let his fans know what is going on.

Teddy was arrested on three charges including possession of narcotics with the intent to sell or distribute in Virginia last week, and he says he wanted to explain what happened. According to Hart, he went out after the ROH Free Enterprise event to get some marijuana and said he left Maria at the hotel because she was sore from taking a table spot at the show. Hart says he was initially pulled over by the police due to an issue with his car’s license plate and registration. Upon being stopped and searched, Hart says police found marijuana and steroids in the car he was driving, which is the reason for the arrest.

According to Hart, the registration issue was resolved as the car belonged to “his company” and it was being returned due to proving he didn’t steal the car, and he also said he “had a prescription” but didn’t go into detail. Hart thanked his fans and Maria for remaining loyal to him, also noting Maria was now caring for his cats while he remained jailed and she continued to travel for work. Hart says he’s hopeful to get out of this situation because he wants to return to the ring to entertain his fans.

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Hart is still locked up at the Richmond County Jail with a court date set for Thursday, April 23 on the three charges. In addition to the intent to sell charge, he was also charged with possession and possession of a Schedule III controlled substance.

Hart left MLW at the end of 2019; the company issued a one-sentence statement at the time of the announcement, with it later being reported that Hart had made multiple requests to be let out of his contract.

Hart has previously been arrested on sexual assault charges in 2014 and evading arrest in 2017. In both of those cases, the charges were eventually dropped. Regarding the 2014 charges and his relationship with Samantha Fiddler, Hart told Wrestlezone in November that he wanted to be transparent about his past and clear his name so that the same accusations would stop following him. He said he dealt with prior accusations through the courts and had those charges dropped. He said he’s worked very hard on getting his reputation to a level where people can trust him, and he doesn’t want his fans thinking that the accusations coming back up again is a reflection of who he still is.