IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/18/20)

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Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs. TJP w/Fallah Bahh

TJP pins Alexander after countering Alexander’s sleeper into a pin.

Winner- TJP

Willie Mack vs. Johnny Swinger

Mack lands the Six-Star Frog Splash for the win.

In-Ring Segment: Madison Rayne

Rayne complains that Jordynne Grace doesn’t deserve to be champion. Rayne announces the Madison Rayne Golden Opportunity Open Challenge.

Madison Rayne vs. Mazzerati

Rayne mushes Mazzerati. Mazzerati rolls up Rayne for a multiple near falls. Rayne lands the ripcord cutter. Mazzerati kicks out. Mazzerati surprises Rayne with a spin kick. Mazzerati tries to go up top but Rayne pulls her off the top. Rayne hits her finish for the win.

Winner- Madison Rayne

Backstage, Grace says winning the Knockouts Championship was the pinnacle of her career. Grace is going to be a fighting champion.

Backstage, Katie Forbes complains to RVD that people are hating her. RVD says those people have no life and they don’t matter. RVD points at Daga and asks him if he remembers RVD beating him at Hard to Kill. Daga wants to fight right now. RVD says they can meet in the ring next week.

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