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Booker T On Matt Hardy’s Free Agency & WrestleMania 36 Being ‘The Year Of The Big Guys’

On one of the most recent episodes of The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, Booker is asked as to his reaction to Matt Hardy allowing his WWE contract to expire over the course of the weekend. Something Booker took major note of was a certain number Matt mentioned as he addressed his free agency.

“The one thing that I took away from that more than anything, that Matt Hardy say, he’s still got four to five years left to actually go out there and perform.”

Booker doesn’t know or give a prediction as to where Hardy will late or what persona he’ll present, but he’s certain of his colleague’s drive:

“Right now it seems like Matt Hardy’s plan is to stick around and to continue to create, continue to go out their and want to be a part of that unit, man,” said Booker.

The subject of WrestleMania 36 in Tampa came up and Gilmore asked about Booker’s thoughts on the card. As Gilmore named all of the headline bouts, Booker made note that this year Mania happens to primarily feature all heavyweights in their top spots.

“It’s like the year of the big guys. I mean, just like all of those matches that you just called off, all those are big guys. Those aren’t guys that go out do a lot of flipping around, those aren’t guys that go out and do a lot of dives off the top rope or anything like that. Those guys go out there, they’ve made their careers pretty much inside the squared circle. Great, great storytellers, all of them, so yeah, I think this is the year of the big guys. I’m just saying that. It’s kind of like a throwback to what it used to look like back in the day.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo)

Both clips of Booker T’s show are below (sucka):

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