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Debut Episode Of ‘The Danny Cage & Double D Show’: Gripes With Gronk Hosting WrestleMania 36; How Adding Music Can Make The Show Special

The first episode of The Danny Cage & Double D Show was just released and it features head coach and owner of The Monster Factory Danny Cage discussing the week’s current events in wrestling with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo.

With it being WrestleMania weekend there was plenty to talk about. From the COVID-19 impact on the industry to the latest AEW Dynamite, Cage and DeAngelo cover so many topics, but a good portion of the time was indeed dedicated to 36th rendition of “The Grandaddy Of Them All.” Cage started off the Mania banter by talking Rob Gronkowski’s presence as a host and how it’s something that the coach isn’t quite apt to seeing.


“People will talk about it, eyes will get on wrestling and people may fall in love and the people who love wrestling like me, they’re still going to watch wrestling after he’s there or while he’s there, but like at this time, with all this crap going on, I didn’t need to be infuriated by his presence.”

Cage states that Gronk might be a stand-up person outside of the wrestling ring, but should by all accounts take a seat at ringside if the attitude he’s going to display is akin to his previous stints inside the squared circle.

“He could be the coolest guy, he could do things for charity, he could help people, he could be the sweetest guy but like when I see him on TV, I just don’t want to see that and I don’t think he’s playing a character which I guess is good, but like I don’t want to see that,” Cage said. “I don’t think there’s a serious bone in his body cause I don’t think he takes this seriously, I think he’s a goof. He probably takes football very seriously and if walked on the field as the Patriots were doing a walk-through and started acting like the jackass he did, he’d flip out.”

Cage makes it clear that he understands the value Gronk presents to casual fans and is all for diversity in wrestling, but the future NFL Hall Of Famer just doesn’t fit the mix for the moment.

“I hate to be one of those elitists cause I’m not. I think everybody belongs in wrestling. I think a guy 4’3″, 25 years old who’s whatever I think he belongs, I think this guy belongs, I think that girl belongs, I think that transgender person belongs, but like Gronk just annoys me and I don’t want to watch him.”

With WrestleMania being presented in unorthodox fashion, Cage sees plenty of opportunity that could be created, particularly a form of entertainment that goes serendipitous with the “one true sport” – the inclusion of music.

“If I was them, I’d be having music playing in the background during matches, like a score,” Cage suggests. “I’d be playing with either having the WrestleMania score with original music or reach out to bands and people that we know or stuff like that and I would almost have like a music video, just played lightly, so it’s not silent in the background and put down in the corner like MTV used to be (you guys remember that) and have like the song, the album, the band and that’s what starts and then it goes into another song depending on how long it is and I just think that would add to it instead of just being dead air.”

Listen to episode one of The Danny Cage & Double D Show below:

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