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Jim Cornette Explains Why He Won’t Manage The Revolt In AEW

Even if something “biblical” does happen, Jim Cornette won’t be managing The Revolt in All Elite Wrestling—if that indeed is where the former Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson decide to go.

Cornette stated on the most recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience that being in a full-time manager role is something that was never in the cards.

“If competent adult, serious professionals were the executive vice presidents of All Elite Wrestling instead of Kenny [as in Laurence] ‘Olivier’ and the ‘Road Warrior ‘Bucks, I would still not be the manager of The Revival in All Elite Wrestling on a full-time basis and that’s never been something that was gonna happen. I’ve said this on the program a couple weeks ago, I’d love to manage The Revival on an independent show once there is such a thing again.”

“That would be fun to do that once,” Cornette said, but cites travel and frequency as another issue. “Even if people that I was in love with – even if Bobby Fulton inherited a billion dollars and opened All Elite Wrestling, I was never going to be the manager of The Revival on a weekly television basis ever because that would require me being on the road on a weekly basis.”

“I’ve been on an airplane twice in my life in the last twenty fuckin’ years,” Cornette added, before stating that their initially was a little interest on his end before AEW came out with Double Or Nothing last year.

“Yes, at one point and time, when I heard that this All Elite Wrestling was going to be a thing after I talked to Tony Khan I was not optimistic as I’ve said because of who he was going to be in business with, but there still would have been a time where I would have said, ‘Okay, for something, for a PPV, I’ll do two or three weeks of television for a large sum of money. If I have to drive to Salt Lake City, flying still wouldn’t have been an option, to build up to a PPV just to piss those fans off cause that would’ve been a pop and it’d help get The Revival over and establish in a new company. Yes, I would’ve been open to that. Have the All Elite Wrestling brain trust proved me wrong about my original assumptions which they didn’t cause from the very first PPV and the battle royal.”

Cornette then doubles down on his distaste for some of the Elite members in charge.

“The fact that there are legitimate professional wrestlers out there who could get over and help a start-up company on national television and instead a bunch of high school buddies are out there playing wrestler, that’s what closed that window for me. I have no interest whatsoever in being a part of it.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can view the entire clip of Cornette’s comments below:

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