Triple H
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Collector’s Corner: Phenom Gallery WWE Triple H Limited Silk Screen Print (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the Phenom Gallery WWE Triple H limited silk screen print that you can currently get on

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Phenom Gallery

Phenom Gallery is known for its high-quality, limited edition serigraphs prints that are hand-numbered and signed by the artist. Phenom Gallery prints celebrate the best in sporting events and entertainment, and are available framed or unframed.

Phenom Gallery was inspired by the limited-edition serigraphs sold at rock concerts. Limited distribution and limited production have made this THE collectible artwork. Prints are signed by the artist and hand numbered. Runs are between 300-500 and then retired. Each piece is uniquely designed and drawn by the artist, no templates.Sold-out Phenom prints have resold for thousands of dollars.

What is a Serigraph?

Serigrapy is also known as silk screening or screen printing.

It uses a stencil-based printing process in which ink is forced through a fine screen onto the paper beneath. The process is carefully repeated with each color, making sure each design element is lined up properly, until the entire design is complete.

In-line prints are printed on heavy-stock cougar natural canvas paper. MSRP for standard prints range from $50 – $75.

Triple H Print

The Triple H print we are looking at is an officially licensed WWE item that was designed by the artist Stolitron. It is 18″ x 24″ and features a six color silkscreen of Triple H showcasing 25 years of WWE.

The print is limited edition of 225 prints, which are also signed and numbered by the artist. This print costs $60 as well.


This is my first silkscreen print and I must say it looks great. It feels like a nice quality, too, and the colors pop on it. The old school feel to it is really nice and the artist did an awesome job honestly. It’s not overly sized, making it a great display piece on the wall like a typical poster and once it is framed up it looks that much better!

If you want one, be sure to pick it up here before it is gone for good!

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