Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive – Mattel WWE Elite Ultimate Warrior In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take an early, in-depth look at the latest Ringside Collectibles Exclusive, Mattel WWE Elite Ultimate Warrior!

A huge thanks to Ringside for allowing us to review this early for you all.

You can currently pre-order him, although he should be shipping really soon, over on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

The Packaging

The packaging is very similar to that of their recent Ringside exclusives in the smaller box. This one has a window shaped similarly to Warrior’s face paint where you can see the figure within the box, the awesome WM 12 backdrop behind him as well as his swappable hands he comes with. The sides of the box feature images of Warrior while the top of the box has the Ringside Exclusive logo and the back showcases another image of Warrior as well as talks about his WM 12 match against Triple H.


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Ultimate Warrior

Once you remove Warrior from the packaging you can see how epic this figure is. Warrior features a new head scan similar to that in the photo above actually. He has his long, bushy hair with a dark wash in it to give it extra detail. Not to mention he has his iconic face paint as well.

Warrior comes with a cloth goods duster jacket of his super artistic entrance attire from this match. It even has the yellow collar on it tucked under his hair to give it that authentic look. This accessory truly makes the figure special in my opinion. After you remove the jacket Warrior looks like a typical figure of his.

He features his arm tassels, which have a swivel joint to pose him more realistically, a great detail Mattel added to his figures I might add. He also has his tattoos on his right bicep, too, and of course his super detailed wrist gauntlet accessories with the tassels hanging off them.

Warrior’s trunks are pretty detailed as well with the baby blue, white artistic designs and the Warrior logos on the front and back. Lastly, he has his colorfully detailed knee pads with the logos as well and swivel tassel accessories hanging from them and lastly his red boots covered by rubber tassels. His boots feature the Warrior logo on the toe and white trim around the bottom/underneath.

The Accessories

Besides his entrance attire, Warrior comes with several pairs of hands, including: fists, open hands and wide open hands that can easily be swapped.

However, he also comes with a really cool accessory you may not have known about. The backdrop in the box is of the WrestleMania 12 entrance and it unfolds to reveal the full stage so you can display it behind him as you have him running to the ring. This seems to be a big trend with the Ringside Exclusives lately and I’m all for it as it’s great for toy photographers and people who display their figures loose.


Overall, this figure is pretty nice. It is a nice update to the old Jakks Pacific Classic Superstars one we got an eternity ago as it’s fully articulated, super detailed and frankly a better figure overall. I did like the cloth tassels on the Jakks figures though as the rubber ones on Warrior’s boots here don’t look as nice in my opinion. That’s just me being nit-picky though. I am also burnt out on Warrior action figures as they pump him out so often, but a look like this is very toyetic I must admit. The face expression is also kind of odd, but at least it’s new for Warrior figures. While there are a few things that bug me it’s still a nice figure overall.

If you like Warrior I definitely recommend this one as the cloth goods are great. Having the swappable hand feature is always a bonus with him, too. This may be my favorite Elite of him to date behind his first Ultimate Edition figure. Don’t pass on this one as it should be shipping very soon. There seems to be a little delay on it fully arriving to Ringside so be patient if you can. If you want to see the figure more in-depth be sure to check out my video review as well!

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