xavier woods
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Xavier Woods Campaigning To Be A TV Host, Canvas 2 Canvas: Woods

Xavier Woods Campaigning To Be A TV Host

Xavier Woods is known for his tremendous involvement in video gaming outside of his professional wrestling life.

It was recently announced that the TV Channel ‘G4’, a big video game network, would be returning to air in 2021. Xavier Woods was on top of this news and is now campaigning to host his own show on the channel.

Woods said, “My campaign begins…. please cast your twitter ballot for me to be a host for @g4tv by using the hashtag #Creed4G4 Thank you for your votes.”

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Canvas 2 Canvas: Xavier Woods

Speaking of Xavier Woods, he is also the centerpiece of this week’s Canvas 2 Canvas. WWE Artist Rob Schamberger invites Xavier Woods to discuss why The New Day stand out as a tag team. While painting a New Day “Unicorn” portrait, Woods also talks about why the group uses unicorn imagery.

Check out the video below and get a look at what the final canvas looks like.