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GCW Promoter Offers Mea Culpa To Upset Fans Following The Collective

After three positive Covid-19 tests, it’s a gross understatement to say that GCW’s Collective shows could have gone better earlier this month. In an interview with Fightful, promoter Brett Lauderdale said that there will be more safety precautions put in place for future events under the GCW banner. When asked specifically about differences between The Collective and today’s The Last Resort, Lauderdale responded thusly:

It’s a smaller crew in wrestlers and staff. One of the things we’ve done is no one traveled to California this week without a negative COVID test. Everyone participated in that. Most people have gotten two tests and most got them in the latter part of the week. Some of the other things we’re doing is dramatically cutting back on the personnel in the locker room. I’ve stressed, ‘unless you are in the ring, you are expected to be wearing a mask.’ There’s going to be no physical interaction between wrestlers and fans this week. This has been our policy the whole time, but we’re going to be on top of it extra tomorrow.

Speaking of today’s event, Lauderdale says there was some consideration that it should be canceled or delayed, but the decision was made to forward because “99%” of the talent was different from the prior shows.

They’re not people who were in Indiana last week and are bringing it here, untested. I cannot regulate fans health and behavior. I did explore other options. Could we push the show back or move it? When we weighed them all, it was determined that if we could do this, this, and this, the risk is no greater than what we’ve already done.

Lauderdale stressed that even last week’s shows were held under a reduced audience than what they could have run, and that he hasn’t reduced payouts to performers despite taking in considerably less income.

GCW’s role is; we are a large platform and we, directly and indirectly, help power the rest of Independent wrestling as it stands. I feel a sense of responsibility and I feel people are counting on us and depending on us. All these people wrestling on the shows, they want to be there.

For the full interview, be sure to check out Fightful.com. The Last Resort will go on as scheduled tonight at 7 PM ET.

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