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Lance Anoa’i Says WWE Is Always His Goal, Explains Why He Put Signing With MLW On Hold

Lance Anoa’i recently spoke with Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson about a variety of topics, including the ongoing feud between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, what his goals for the future are, and more. 

Check out some of the highlights below: 


On the feud between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso:

Man I love it. It got my attention. I know it got a lot of other people’s attention. It’s one of the best things going right now in the whole WWE, and family, what chemistry is better? I read bad reviews about their first match, but it wasn’t just about the match. I thought they were gonna go out there and kill it, and they killed it but it was such in a emotional way and great story, it was just told and you know it wasn’t gonna stop there so they’re just gonna keep building it man and who knows where they’re going with this. Hell In A Cell, I Quit match too I read. It should definitely be good. I’m waiting for one of them to take the bump off the top of the cell though.

On why WWE is his goal:

Man, like I said, other than WWE, I don’t wanna be signed unless the money is right. Being on the independents is so much easier. You create your own schedule, you work where you wanna work, you’re not being told to do this or do that. You’re just going out there doing what you want, what you love to do and perform at your top notch. You don’t have someone else writing everything for you. You’re there doing it, and that’s one reason I like not being signed, but WWE… that’s the goal because I feel like anything after WWE — once you make it to WWE, say they let anybody go, [you’re] right back on the indies just making money just the way you did and I feel like you’re more profitable and yeah man. Like I said, it’s all about money and feeding my family.

On why he put signing with MLW on hold:

At the time, it was per-show. I was on vacation and this was the time they were running in Orlando in 2018. I was on vacation and then they hit me up, ‘Hey, you got anything going on?’ And they invited me down and that’s the show I wrestled MJF and man, they liked everything I had and kept inviting me because at the time, back in the day, my dad was basically one of the bookers for MLW so him and Court Bauer who’s the owner, they’re real good friends and Court man, he put a big donation in for my dad’s whole fundraiser and tons of respect for him and I help him with whatever he needs help with, I’m there for him. But yeah, he’s always had my back but the talks were for me to join full-time, but I did put it on hold. I didn’t know what exactly was gonna happen with me and WWE, and they [MLW] offered me a little too many years. I wasn’t ready to commit to [it] at the time. But if it comes around, maybe one day, you’ll see me there full-time. But for the moment, I’m just gonna keep grinding and WWE’s always my goal.

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