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Former RAW Talent Receives A Name Change, Moves To NXT

Brendan Vink is no more, but NXT can now say hello to Tony Modra. The former Vink, who so happened to tag with Shane Thorne (the now recently defeated Slapjack of Retribution), has decided to go for a name change, shedding his BV initials for TM.  The newly named Modra made the announcement on Twitter:

The Australian-born Vink was most well known for going under the name of Elliot Sexton before signing with WWE, but now that Modra is under the black and gold brand, it likely suited his employer best if he went with a name WWE could trademark.  For those that aren’t fans of “footy”, the name “Anthony Modra” is a direct homage to the famous Australian Rules footballer of the same letters. Fellow Aussie Peyton Royce did take a playful inside jab at the name, suggesting that he should’ve been named after a “Craig,” which is likely in reference to Craig McRae, Craig Foster or Craig Johnston, all Aussie footballers.

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