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Charles Robinson Explains How He Met The Rock And Learned Not To Throw Water, Says He Loved His WCW Tenure

Charles Robinson was a guest on this week’s episode of WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves and talked about the transition he had to make going from WCW to WWE. One of WCW’s longest-tenured referees, “Lil’ Naitch” began his career with them in 1997 before moving over to WWE after they bought the former in 2001.

“It was just so organized when I got here, you know, I would show up at noon or whatever, and they would tell us then what we’re going to be doing for that day and sometimes maybe even for the next week, which was amazing. I said, hey, we’re thinking down the road about this and this and this. So that didn’t happen in WCW. We would have a lot of changes before the show, during the show, even after the show. So it’s a lot of confusion in WCW near the end. And I loved my time there. They gave me a lot of great opportunities.”

In addition, Robinson talked about getting to WWE and getting ribbed after playing a practical joke himself.

“The guys, they were playing cards and I never learned how to play cards, I’m just not good at it. But for some reason, I had a cup of water in my hand. And I think it was Jack Doan who said something to me, and I acted like I was going to throw water on him. He goes, ‘You won’t do that, you’re the new guy here!’ So I go, ‘OK…’ and so I throw the water on all the referees. They get me, they take me to a chair, they tape my mouth shut, they tape my fingers in a position that you would—only the middle fingers showing. Then they put a sign on me that says ‘The Rock… Who?’, and they pushed me up in the chair to meet The Rock that way. So that was—it was a lot of fun. And they made me realize, don’t throw water.”

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