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MLW Fusion Results: Jordan Oliver Challenges Jacob Fatu For World Title

It’s a stacked card for this week’s MLW Fusion presented by as two titles are at stake! And we get right to the action as the festivities fire off with Los Parks defending their World Tag Tag Team Championships against the infidels of CONTRA.


World Tag Team Championships

CONTRA Unit vs. Los Parks (c) (LA Park & El Hijo De LA Park) (presented by Salina de la Renta & Azteca Underground)

Daivari and Gotch are chomping at the bit to get at the champs as Los Parks are accompanied by Salina and the mysterious Azteca Underground suit that has been a presence. The official tries to control the chaotic energy as El Hijo hands him the belts. The titles are raised and the match is underway.

Daivari locks up with El Hijo and knocks him down to wrench the arm. El Hijo counters and grapevines the leg for a unique counter. Gotch comes in and breaks it up. Daivari soon answers back with his own figure-four after attacking El Hijo’s knee, but the son breaks free and shakes it off. Deep arm drag to Daivari and El Hijo ties him up once more. Sure enough Simon comes in an breaks it up as LA Park chases him off. Daivari maintains the offense and ties the legs of El Hijo up. El Hijo frees himself with a headbutt and folds Daivari with a neck submission.

Again, Gotch gets involved and the bout breaks down to the outside. El Hijo is left to recover as LA Park gets thrown back to the canvas. Park takes out both foes and sets them up for a double dropkick by El Hijo! That in turn has the father-son combo diving through to CONTRA on the outside!

Daivari and Park trade shots on the floor as El Hijo and Gotch to the same on the canvas. A crisp kick by El Hijo sets Gotch for a diving crossbody and then a headscissors takedown. Gotch rolls onto the outside and this allows Park and Daivari to duke it out. The chairman plays a little mind game on Davairi before headbutting him and locking him in an abdominal stretch.

CONTRA do cause Los Parks to crash into one another and then isolate the father in the corner. LA Park Jr. comes up underneath from the ring but the official catches him on the apron! CONTRA goes to put away El Hijo but justice is served up for Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver as the two come out to trip Daivari and Gotch up!

This leaves Daivari prone to a rib-breaking spear from Park and that’s good enough for the victory!

WINNERS and STILL MLW Tag Team Champions: Los Parks

The Von Erichs are a little pissed off right now. They made Tom Lawlor pay at Filthy Island for not getting the invite, but the brothers have some plans for Tom and Team Filthy.

Alicia Atout is standing with Salina de la Renta. Salina can’t stand Atout’s voice and tries to steer the ship of the conversation about her love for MLW gold. Her Destroyers already hold the tag straps, but Salina makes it known that she wants Alexander Hammerstone’s Openweight belt. She thinks Hammer hasn’t been “all there” lately anyway and calls Richard Holliday her “boy toy.” She shoves Alicia off.


Parrow vs. Dugan

Parrow has returned to MLW for one reason: to be the greatest heavyweight of all time. “Parrow’s back and you should run.”

Before the bell even rings, Dugan tries to go after Parrow, but he soon meets a Hansen-like lariat that the big man must’ve picked up from Japan!

Dugan attempts a dive but catches Dugan and throws him in the corner with a fallaway slam. Dugan can barely get to his feet and it’s unfortunate that he did as he received a major chokeslam. Parrow isn’t finished until he hoists Dugan up for his Murder Bomb and he gets the W!

WINNER: Parrow

Post-match, Parrow cuts right to the chase and expresses his disgust for what Mil Muertes did to Savio Vega in the Azteca Jungle Fight. “Let’s fight!”

By all accounts, Filthy Island ended up being a bust and rumor has it Tom and Team Filthy escaped the island as stowaways! Lawlor reveals he had to get 60 stitches in his back. He’s sick of the match makers protecting them all. Why doesn’t one of them step up and face the champions of the jungle fight, Kevin Ku?

We hear from Bu Ku Dao after TJP ran him down in an interview last week. Dao said ever since he was in school, he patterned himself after TJP, but a bully’s a bully and he challenges his mentor to a match.

We see Jordan Oliver with Myron Reed. He’s been working for months for this. He’s been working for years for this. They say that he moves like a middleweight, he’s gonna show them he’s a heavyweight. He knows Fatu is gonna beat him up, but he knows he’s going to outlast him and once that bell rings, they will be announcing Jordan Oliver as the new World Champion. That’s justice.


Laredo Kid vs. Calvin Tankman

LK looks to rebound after suffering defeat to the hands of Lio Rush, but he’s going to have to “hustle” against Calvin Tankman.

Lock up leads to a shove down from Calvin. Another lock up and another shove down. Tankman talks some smack as LK begins to kick the right leg of Tank. LK dives a lariat and hits a head scissors, but Tank turns him inside out with a Pounce!

Tankman covers, but Laredo gets a leg on the ropes. Big hip toss by Tank and he covers Laredo for a one count. He bludgeons LK hard before covering for a two count and Kid has to roll out to recover and reassess. Tankman allows it to happen. LK comes back in with some shots, but it’s Tankman who drops him down hard with a strike. Kick out at two. Brainbuster by Tank gets another two who keeps his pace deliberate. He charges at LK in the corner by the luchador fends him off and hits him with a missile dropkick. This time Tank rolls out and LK catches him with a major league cross body!

LK muscles Tank back in the ring for a cover, but it’s only good for two. Elbow drop by Kid. He climbs up top to deliver another elbow, but Calvin chucks him off at two. Tankman is feeling the effects, but a combo followed by a spinning bakcfist and a powerbomb just nearly gets the win, but somehow Laredo continues to fight.

A flying forearm from the turnbuckle gets quite the near fall. He goes for another cover, but again, only two. Tankman grabs hold of LK and hits a spinebuster. A hard strike to the back of the head sets Laredo up for a Tankman Driver for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Calvin Tankman

Post-match, Calvin credits Laredo for the fight, but he was the better man. The world is beginning to find out who he is. He calls out Jacob Fatu and makes it known that he wants his shot at that World Heavyweight strap.

We see The Dynasty getting ready in the men’s bathroom. Atout barges in and asks about the “boy toy” moniker. Hammerstone makes it clear that they’re not afraid of Los Parks, and if she’s got a problem with Salina, tell her. Holliday dismisses any notion of “boy toy” status, but Hammerstone senses that Cupid could have drew his bow at Rich when it comes to Alicia.

Josef Samael cuts the feed. He says tonight there will be another death in the Injustice family. He warned Jordan Oliver about that deep water because the truth lies beneath the surface. Fatu says there’s nothing no man can do to him and Fatu says there’s nothing Oliver can do about it. “Hail CONTRA!”

Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Tag Team Top 5

5) Dirty Blondes 4) Injustice 3) Violence Is Forever 2) CONTRA Unit 1) The Von Erichs

Rich Bocchini recaps the growing feud between Gino Medina and Gringo Loco. We see Medina backstage and he tells Loco that he’s ripping off his culture. Lucha Libre runs through his veins. Very soon he’s going to expose him for what he is: a rip off. “Just you wait.” One thing we won’t have to wait for is our main event.


World Heavyweight Championship

Jordan Oliver (with Myron Reed) vs. Jacob Fatu (c) (with Daivari)

Myron Reed enters with his Injustice brother as he gives him some words of encouragement. CONTRA’s music hits and out comes the champion. Oliver doesn’t even wait for the bell and dives right onto Fatu. Fatu aggressively runs right into the ring post before getting in the ring.

The bell rings and Jordan fires away, but Fatu aims for a gutwrench. Oliver frees himself and knees Fatu in the back. That sends Jacob tumbling. Oliver goes for another dive to the outside, but the champ scouts it and catches him perfectly with a Samoan drop to the floor. He soon sends Jordan back in the ring.

Big strike lays Oliver down. Another strike. Jordan feeds him forearms, but a back elbow from Jacob plants the challenger to the canvas. Fatu attacks him on the ground only to headbutt him down. Oliver finds some brief refuge with a chopblock, but Fatu is relentless and throws him right over the top. Reed coaches Jordan some more, but there’s no coaching when it comes to Fatu biting Jordan’s fingers!

Jordan thrashes to hit feet in the corner, but a few strikes make the path clear for the champ. He gets him center ring and Oliver tries to us his athleticism and as he tries to leap over Jacob in the corner, Fatu hits a power kick to the nose of Oliver. Fatu is scouting it all.

He then sends him into the opposite corner and hits hits a stunner before leaping off with a cutter! Some kicks to the side of the head further dizzies Fatu but it’s not enough to keep the monster down. He catches Oliver who goes for a second cutter with a powerbomb into a pop-up Samoan Drop . Fatu hits a modified version of his signature moonsault by incorporating a headbutt and it’s 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Jacob Fatu

Post-match, CONTRA insurgents run in to further their assault on Injustice as Daivari attacks Reed. The Sentai Death Squad has the body bags with them and both begin to zip Reed and Oliver up.

Hold up, who comes out but Calvin Tankman! He clears the canvas until it’s just down to him and the champ and Tankman just shoulder blocks Fatu right out of the ring! Could this be a new alliance in the revolution against CONTRA?

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