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Al Snow Had A Running Joke With Christian Where Steve Blackman Was Stalking And Trying To Kill Him

Al Snow has fond memories of working with Steve Blackman, including a gag where the “Lethal Weapon” was trying to kill Christian.

Snow recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about his career highlights, including his infamous run with Steve Blackman as “Head Cheese.” Snow says they haven’t spoken in a bit, but Blackman is still in great shape and talked about why they worked well together.

“Steve was so serious and then I legitimately whenever you’d see us do the vignettes and all that stuff, it was me just trying to get him to crack, to get him to break and just to be as annoying as I could. I love Steve. He’s an awesome individual, an awesome guy and that was so much fun,” Snow explained, “because we got to a point where we literally had our own show within the SmackDown show because we’d get the ratings. The ratings would come in and literally our segment was one of the highest rated segments every time was when we did the little vignettes on the show and it was so much fun because he was such a great straight guy.”

“It took a lot to make him laugh, otherwise, he did not break character at all. It was so funny. And we were so opposite,” Snow said. “We couldn’t have been more opposite, even in the ring.”

Snow explained that he prides himself as a guy that would make things up as he went along, but Blackman would always try to talk about their spots beforehand.

“I’d know it would drive him nuts and he’d keep trying to get with me to try and call those two spots and I’d just keep hiding from him. I’d keep, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll talk to you in a minute, Steve.’ And I’d walk off real quick and I’d see him just start to get mad,” Snow explained. “I even called him out on it. I’m like, ‘You’re the Lethal Weapon. Every time you call a high spot it’s “you miss a kick.” Do you understand? You’re a guy that should never miss kicks. You should hit every one of them, but you have these guys ducking them. That doesn’t make any sense, man! What are ya doing?”

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Snow also shared a humorous story and explained that he used to have a running joke with Christian where they’d joke about Blackman’s attempts to “murder” him. He says it started when Christian refused to sell Blackman’s trash talk, and Snow ran with it from there.

“Christian and I used to have a running joke that whenever we left, we went off the road and went back home that Steve’s hobby was stalking Christian, trying to plan how to murder him. One night in Pennsylvania, Steve was calling what he wanted to do in the ring. It was me and him against I think Christian and Edge or something and Christian kept standing there dead serious, wouldn’t crack a smile. Steve would say, ‘I’m gonna do blah blah blah,’ and Christian would go, ‘Not gonna sell that,’ and Steve would act like he didn’t hear it and he’d call something else, right? And Christian would go, ‘Eh, I’ll duck that,’ and just blow it off like, ‘Pfft. Big deal.'”

“And he did that like four or five times and then Steve would just turn to him and looked at him and goes, ”Yeah that’s real funny. HA! HA! HA!’ and walked off. And I went, ‘You’re going to die. You understand? He’s got a dark room in his house where he has pictures of you like leaving the store, getting in your car, going to the airport. He’s tracking you. He’s waiting for the right moment to finally pick his spot,” Snow joked, “and you’re going to disappear because you keep screwing with him.”

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